MCHC Patient Reunion – June 23rd, 2012

On Saturday June 23rd, at the annual reunion for all University of Michigan Congenital Heart Patients, Dr. Bove was honored by his patients, staff and colleagues. 847 guests attended the annual “We Got the Beat” event, most of them patients of Bove and his colleagues in the U-M Congenital Heart Program.


Surprise Celebration of Dr. Bove’s 10,000th Case – May 13th, 2012

Edward L. Bove didn’t know he was hitting a major milestone this spring, but the world-renowned pediatric cardiac surgeon performed his 10,000th surgery on March 27 at the University of Michigan’s C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital. At the time, Bove, M.D., was not aware of the significance of that procedure, which was an aortic valve replacement. But later a departmental administrator was going over some paperwork and noted the 10,000th milestone.

“It’s pretty remarkable. You don’t go through your days counting up the procedures, so I was surprised,” says Bove, who learned of the milestone at a surprise party organized by his colleagues and staff.

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