Meet Dr. Bove

Meet Dr. Bove

Dr. Bove was born and raised in New York City. He earned his undergraduate degree from the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts. After graduating from medical school in Albany in 1972, he came to Michigan for his residency in general surgery and thoracic surgery. He completed his residency at Michigan in 1980, and joined the Hospital for Sick Children in London, England, as a senior fellow for additional training in complex congenital heart surgery.

Before returning to Michigan in 1985 as an associate professor of surgery and associate professor of pediatrics and communicable diseases, he practiced at the Health Science Center of the State University of New York in Syracuse for five years. He is currently a professor and Chairman of the Department of Cardiac Surgery.

Dr. Bove is greatly admired by his colleagues around the world, many of whom refer their most desperate patients to him because of his reputation and the pioneering work he has done to advance pediatric cardiac surgery. He is considered one of the world’s outstanding pediatric cardiac surgeons, and is particularly renowned for his work with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and the 95 percent survival rate he has achieved in the procedures to treat it.

Dr. Bove has personally trained more than 35 surgeons, mentoring and guiding them to become highly qualified and very much in demand in their own rights, extending his legacy even further. The trust of physicians and their patients in Dr. Bove extends outside of Michigan, with about 40 percent of his patients coming from outside the state, including many other countries around the world. He recently reached another milestone in his 26-year career: performing surgery on his 10,000th patient. Above all, his students, colleagues and friends would describe Dr. Bove as humble, compassionate and a consummate gentleman. Dr. Bove is married and has two children, Susan and Christopher.

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