About Dr. Bove

Dr. Bove’s research and surgical skills have made an extraordinary difference for children with hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS), a condition in which the left side of the heart fails to develop properly in the womb and can’t pump blood to the body.

When Dr. Bove was training to become a surgeon, HLHS took the life of every baby born with it. But through his persistence in perfecting the three operations these children need, HLHS patients now have very good odds. Nearly 90 percent of HLHS babies treated at U-M survive the first operation. Those who go on to the second and third operations have an even higher chance of living.

His remarkable accomplishments in pediatric cardiac surgery — as an outstanding teacher, role model, scientist, and caring clinician — have set the standard of excellence in his field.

The Dr. Edward L. Bove professorship has been set up in his honor to continue the legacy of passion and dedication to research and cures.

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